I say NO to hate speech

I say NO to hate speech is a campaign that challenges people to make a stand against hate speech. The campaign is organised by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Join the campaign

I say NO to hate speech campaign was launched on 2 October 2017, which marks the World Day of Bullying Prevention and the UN International Day of Non-Violence.

Visit the Facebook page of the Ministry of Education and Culture to watch the campaign videos. Express your support for the campaign by liking the videos. Challenge your friends to join the
campaign by tagging them in the comments below the videos. 

Follow the campaign and use social media to tell others about your participation. Remember to use the hashtag #torjunvihapuhetta.

Campaign involvement

The campaign is being launched by the Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport Sampo Terho and the Ministry of Education and Culture. In
addition, the following organisations and associations belong to the working group behind the campaign:

Finnish Olympic Committee; Koulukino; Finnish Society on Media Education; Culture for All; Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi; National Union of Students in Finland SYL; Union of Finnish
Upper Secondary School Students; Finnish Student Alliance – OSKU; National Union of Vocational Students in Finland – SAKKI; Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences –
SAMOK; Guides and Scouts of Finland; We Foundation; Mannerheim League for Child Welfare; and University of Tampere.


Follow the campaign and participate in the discussion in social media with the hashtag #torjunvihapuhetta.